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2012: Understanding the Astronomy and More


During this essay, we will use a pencil and a sheet of paper to make a 3-dimensional model of the actual astronomy of 2012. This demonstration is fairly simple and you will clearly understand the basic astronomy in just a few minutes.


The 2012 event is a precise astronomical event signified by the simultaneous occurrence of two well-known events. The first event is the winter solstice. The second is the alignment of the earth, the sun and the galactic plane. It is important to note that both of these events happen once a year but they happen together only once every 26,000 years.


Learn much more in this essay!



Houdini's Afterlife Experiment - Did It Work?


There are conflicting claims about whether Harry Houdini, the world famous escape artist and magician, after his death in October 1926, was successful in passing a prearranged secret coded message to his wife in January 1929 through Arthur Ford, a psychic medium. Read about the cleverly coded message that was received by Beatrice Houdini and the document that she signed stating that the message was correct!


This is a fairly long essay and includes a picture of the document that Mrs. Houdini signed.



Houdini's Afterlife Experiment - Was the Code in a Book?


This essay is much shorter than the above essay and focuses on the book that was published in 1928 and was reported to have "the code" in it. Joseph Dunninger, a magician and friend of Houdini, claimed this book enabled Arthur Ford to hoax the message. This essay includes scans of all the pages that talk about the code so you can see with your own eyes and make up your own mind if it was possible for Ford to hoax the message using this book.



Houdini's Death - Was It an Intentional Assault and an Accidental Death?


In the book, "The Secret Life of Houdini", William Kalush and Larry Sloman hypothesize that some spiritualists had motive to kill Houdini and might have had him poisoned. In March 2007, they were pursuing his exhumation to test his body for poison. While I do not think that they will find proof of an intentionally administered poison, it might be possible that Whitehead's punches were an intentional assault which resulted in an accidental death.



Stanley "Tookie" Williams - A Man of Peace


How did Stanley "Tookie" Williams, co-founder of "The Crips", a huge East LA gang, become a man of peace? That story is best told by him. He went on to write books about peace, which inspired thousands of children and young adults to embrace peace and to push aside the temptations of gang life. He received countless letters saying that he changed peoples' lives at the deepest levels. And he did all this while he was a prisoner of the State of California. His accomplishments were so profound that he was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Even with all of that, the State of California decided to put him to death on Dec 13th, 2005.


Read my tribute to this great man.



Help Create World Peace! Join the World Peace Hug!


Is personal peace required for world peace? How can we teach ourselves to plant the seeds of peace within us and allow those seeds to grow to fruition?



Beyond Gender - Divine Love!


A popular book has a title that states that men come from a far away planet and that women come from a completely different far away planet. The implication is that we have very different fundamental natures, that we are basically different creatures, and can only hope of getting along when we both understand these natures. While this book has genuinely helped millions of people, I would like to add a few comments of my own.



A Poem of Passion


Everyday I see your eyes aglow
Everyday your sweetness melts my soul
Everyday your kindness flows forth free
Everyday our spirits in harmony blend


Read the full poem



God Bless Humanity


Irving Berlin wrote "God Bless America" in 1938 as World War Two was starting in Europe. I have always considered it a very beautiful song. I hope that my expansion of the song to include another verse that includes all of humanity is not seen in any way as me being critical of the original song or of America itself. Here are both verses and also Irving Berlin's prelude to the song.



The Water Is Wide


I have always enjoyed this beautiful traditional song and yet I noticed that the second verse takes the song down rather than raising it up. While this was most likely the intention of the original songwriter, I prefer to have the song be uplifting so I changed a few lines and offer it for you to sing as you wish.



To Love Like God - A Mystic's Poem


Byron Katie inspired me to write this poem. Her books, Loving What Is, A Thousand Names for Joy and others, talk about how the thoughts and attitude that you bring to each and every moment determine your emotional experience of that moment. If you bring the thoughts and attitude of acceptance and embrace, you experience the emotions of oneness and joy. If you bring the thoughts and attitude of rejection, you experience the emotions of seperation, fear and pain. The poem starts off with these ideas and moves on to other ideas often labeled 'non-dual', what I like to call 'mysticism'. I hope you enjoy it!



Tom's Essay About The Poem: To Love Like God


I hope that this essay enrichs your insights into the poem and deepens your understanding of life itself.



The Mystic's View: God and Creation Are the Same Reality in Different Forms


Some people believe that God is in everything. How could this be true and yet not be obvious? How could a common rock be God? Let's look into this question by considering the following.


(This is the sixth chapter in my audio book, "Your Magical Adventure", which is a work-in-progress.)



Turmoil Inside, Trouble Outside


Learn about the circle of unconscious creation, the circle of disharmony
Learn about conscious creation, inner creation and outer creation
Learn to create inner peace and attract outer peace



Rock and Roll Afterlife Connections


Did John Lennon and Carl Perkins connect with their friends and family from the other side?


John Edward is a famous psychic medium who communicates with the spirits of people who have passed on. His 2001 book titled, Crossing Over, contains many stories that offer compelling evidence for the survival of human consciousness after the death of the body.


This essay covers some of my favorites from that book.


Read about Carl Perkins, his daughter Debbie, Elvis Presley, Paul McCartney and John Lennon.


Also recommended:The Afterlife Experiments by Gary Schwartz, Ph.D. - A scientific study



Mystical Optimism - How to Glow with the Flow!


Pollyanna's 'Glad Game': Find something about everything to be glad about
The immediate effect of your thoughts and attitude
To what degree do we control our own life?
The Serenity Prayer
Open, flowing, adventurous affirmations
Surfing the cosmic wave
Yet sometimes very difficult situations arise
Is the glass half-empty or is it half-full? Reframing into a bigger picture
The mystic's view: God and creation are the same reality in different forms
You are safe in the hands of God!



Meditation for Personal and World Peace


Here are a few peace affirmations and visions. Feel free to add your own and use them daily.



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Could God and creation be the same reality in different forms,
like water and ice? The mystic says, "Yes!" and the
implications are mind-blowing!


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