A Poem of Passion
(c) Tom Razzeto 2000

Everyday I see your eyes aglow
Everyday your sweetness melts my soul
Everyday your kindness flows forth free
Everyday our spirits in harmony blend

Yet as my love, each day grows
As warm affection, your way sent
Yes, as my arms reach out to hold
Even then my longing remains unmet

Our connection felt, deep in the heart
Oh sacred love, that's what's here
Our timeless souls, they know their link
Yet our passions remain the fire unlit

And though unwilling, I think I must
For I need someone to hold me close
Someone to bless me with her kiss
Someone to receive my precious gifts

So if I spend some time away
Know that as I hold her close
Know that when I kiss her sweet
I'll be kissing you, my love, my sweet




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