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Essay by Tom Razzeto    (c) 2006 Tom Razzeto

I was re-reading a channeled book the other night called “Conscious Life - Creating Your Reality” by Ramon Stevens from 1991. The entity that he channels is named Alexander.

I know, I know. Some people are thinking, “More of that airy-fairy, useless, misguided non-sense.” But let’s take a look at what he says about peace.

Near the end of the book there is a chapter titled “Being Peace”. In it Alexander states:

“The contents of your heart bind you to all others of your species. At the level of the psyche, the collective unconsciousness, whatever you feel and believe contributes to the store of potential global experience. The more people who carry love and compassion, the more likely that events of a harmonious nature will manifest. The more people who carry hatred in their hearts - even silently - the more likely that the events of enmity and war will break out.”

So what do we carry in our hearts? Do we choose what we carry? Can we choose our emotions?

We have all heard people say, “I just can’t help it! That’s just the way I feel!”

Are we really just victims of our own emotions and situations? No, I don’t think so. Can we do our own experiments to find out for sure? Let’s look into this.

As I encounter many situations throughout the day, it seems that I actually have a choice about how I feel as the events unfold. For example, let’s say that I’m joyfully on my way to my favorite hiking trail as I drive down the freeway on-ramp. I suddenly see that the freeway is all jammed up like a big parking lot. My joy may rapidly disappear only to be replaced by frustration or perhaps even anger. “That dirty no-good boss. He kept me in that stupid meeting way past quitting time and now here I am stuck in this huge mess.” That emotion is loaded with judgment towards the boss, the meeting and the traffic jam and does not feel good inside.

But I notice that I can catch myself before I fall deeper into those negative emotions, or even after I fall, and make a new choice. I can step back and affirm, “I experience peace and joy now!” For me, it comes right in, on cue, just like I flipped a switch. There’s even a little tickle inside, just like an inner massage. It feels good! Give it a try. See if it’s true for you, too. You may receive a pleasant surprise!

With your whole being, remember the emotion of joy just like you might remember an event with your mind. Feel the joy inside, just like you feel it under positive circumstances.

Once you do this successfully, you’ll know for sure that it is indeed possible and it will become easier to do the next time. With practice, you might even be able to catch yourself right as you start to fall into the negative emotions, or even before. This makes it even easier to choose joy. It can even become a habit and you will no longer link certain events to the usual negative emotions experienced by almost everyone else. You will be free to experience any emotion at any time.

In the traffic jam, I could even go further and think, “Look at all these people I can send love to! And plenty of time to do it, too! Usually everyone is racing around but now I can zap ‘em all with love quite easily.

“Oh, you want to change lanes and get in front of me? Here, let me help you. There, that was easy. Have a great day!” Zap! Boy, does it feel good inside when I do that! And the more I cooperate with others, the more it feels good! Fantastic! What freedom! The freedom to choose joy at any moment!

Hey, I’m not going anywhere very quickly one way or the other. I can sit in the traffic jam frustrated and angry or I can sit in traffic in bliss. Take the road less traveled, choose the bliss!

While all of this seems true for me, I don’t think that it’s really possible to be completely ecstatic every single minute. Maybe for enlightened saints it is, but for regular people, there will always be ups and downs.

Yet my important point remains true. You can, in many situations that are quite common, change from a normal negative emotional reaction to a very positive emotional choice. The proof is in your own experience so give it a try.

Obviously some situations can be much more challenging than others. The loss of a loved one can be among the most challenging. But for most of us, mild challenges we face through out the day are handled fairly easily. Practice choosing happiness. Start with the easy situations and work towards the harder ones.

By the way, you are not trying to find the silver lining in the dark clouds. You are choosing to be happy even though the dark clouds are there and they are raining right on top of you!

Now back to what Alexander was talking about.

If peace protesters raise their fists in anger and shout at politicians and generals, they add anger and hatred to the "soup of social consciousness". What will that lead to? More war.

Alexander goes on, “How can one lone heart help bring an end to war? You must be peace. You must clean and purify your heart. That, ultimately, is the most powerful tool you have for ending war and ushering in peace. Not by hating war, for you thereby strengthen the pool of hatred. Not by spewing venom at warmongering leaders and generals, for again you contribute your private store of hatred to the mass pool. Only by being peace, only by loving peace, do you create peace.”

Alexander then suggests daily affirmation and visualization sessions: “Holding warmth and love in your heart, say aloud, ‘I am peace.’…Celebrate your common bond with all others, and with the natural order. Tithe your heart’s share to the universal pool of love. Be peace.”

So keep doing what you feel drawn to do and do it with a heart full of peace!

Choose peace. Be peace. Work for peace. When we all work together, the power that we have is awesome.

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Come join the “World Peace Hug”. We can all make a big difference!

Thanks for reading my essay!

Have a magical day!

Tom Razzeto

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