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Tom Razzeto
Tom Razzeto

Houdini's Afterlife Experiment:
Did It Work?

An audio book by Tom Razzeto

Available soon on CD or as a download
Free transcripts also available

Copyright 2008 by Tom Razzeto

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I think that a clear understanding of the afterlife helps people create a deep personal peace in their lives now. This, in turn, helps create world peace. That is why I consider the subject of the afterlife so important. The Houdini story is just one of many that report contact with those who have passed on. I hope that you find it both inspiring and liberating.

While this audio book will focus on the Houdini story, it also will contain two bonus essays. The full details are below.

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Tom Razzeto
March 2008

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This audio book will contain the following three essays:


Houdini's Afterlife Experiment - Did It Work? (43 minutes)

There are conflicting claims about whether Harry Houdini, the world famous escape artist and magician, after his death in October 1926, was successful in passing a prearranged secret coded message to his wife in January 1929 through Arthur Ford, a psychic medium. Read about the cleverly coded message that was received by Beatrice Houdini and the document that she signed stating that the message was correct!

This is a fairly long essay and includes a picture of the document that Mrs. Houdini signed.

Rock and Roll Afterlife Connections (13 minutes) (Note: CD version is shorter)

Did John Lennon and Carl Perkins connect with their friends and family from the other side?

John Edward is a famous psychic medium who communicates with the spirits of people who have passed on. His 2001 book titled, Crossing Over, contains many stories that offer compelling evidence for the survival of human consciousness after the death of the body.

This essay covers some of my favorites from that book. Read about Carl Perkins, his daughter Debbie, Elvis Presley, Paul McCartney and John Lennon.

Mystical Optimism - How to Glow with the Flow! (19 minutes)

Pollyanna's 'Glad Game': Find something about everything to be glad about
The immediate effect of your thoughts and attitude
To what degree do we control our own life?
The Serenity Prayer
Open, flowing, adventurous affirmations
Surfing the cosmic wave
Yet sometimes very difficult situations arise
Is the glass half-empty or is it half-full? Reframing into a bigger picture
The mystic's view: God and creation are the same reality in different forms
You are safe in the hands of God!


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