Practice These Magic Thoughts and Visions for Peace

These affirmations were written for the mystical children's audio book, "Use Your Magic!" yet they can be used by people of all ages. Adapt them to your own personal taste and make up your own magic thoughts and visions. Use your magic daily to make them a reality!

Sit quietly and calm your mind for a few minutes. Then focus on some of these thoughts. Speak them out loud, if you are so inclined. You do not need to repeat the phrases exactly and, in fact, it can keep the experience fresh if you change them around a little bit. You do not need to do this for a long time, five or ten minutes is fine. If you are inspired, a longer time is also fine. It should not be felt to be a chore or a burden.

Obviously, there are many books about meditation and creation using visualization and affirmation. Perhaps you will find some of them helpful. The goal is to make it a regular habit since this will produce the best results.

Together we can help bring world peace to us all! Thanks for your help!

I deserve God's gifts of joy and peace

I receive God's gifts of joy and peace

My life is easily filled with kindness, joy and peace

People always treat me with kindness

My home is full of love and respect

The power of God's love and peace flow through me always

I always get the help I need from my parents, friends and God

I am always at peace

I awaken to my full awareness, power and divinity

People around me always share and cooperate

My magic helps others live in joy and peace

People always treat each other kindly

Children play with kindness and sharing

Adults are at peace at home and everywhere

Mean people either leave me alone or become nice people

Soldiers remain always at peace

Our magic brings a lasting peace to everyone everywhere