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The Mystic's View!
Awaken Conscious Creation!

by Tom Razzeto

Copyright 2007 - Tom Razzeto

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Chapter 10 - Conscious Creation

The corner stone of the some spiritual teachings is the phrase, "You create your own reality!" As crazy as this sounds, could it possibly be true?

Seth, channeled by Jane Roberts, says that people who believe that they create their own reality will have experiences that show them that that is true while people who believe that they do not create their own reality will have experiences that show them that that is true. Reflect on that statement for a minute or two.

It reminds me of a mobius strip! You know, the paper strip that has a half twist in it and forms a loop? At first, it seems to have two opposite sides but after you run your finger along one side you find out that it only has one side.

So here Seth presents two view points that seem to be opposites yet they end up being fundamentally the same. One person is consciously creating his life, the other person is unconsciously creating his life. But both are creating their lives by choosing certain beliefs that bring for corresponding results.

Yet the question still remains, to what extent do we create our own reality? I think that the best way to answer that question is to do your own experiments. Try it yourself. I'll go into this more in the next chapters but right now, I'd like to mention two important points that many people misunderstand in regards to conscious creation.

Number one, be open to the creation coming forward. If you do not believe that you deserve it, if you are closed to it in any way, it cannot come to you. So be open to it. Be open to it coming forward in ways that you did not expect. Be open even to miracles.

This is not the same as being 100 percent sure that it will come. Many teachers say that if you doubt it at all, it will not come. I don't agree.

Think of the athletes, for example, that genuinely try to win while believing in the possibility of victory. They are not saying, "Yeah, I knew I had it in the bag all along. No doubt about it." No, the excitement comes from not knowing but still being open. Same with life.

Remember the line from the movie, "Forrest Gump"? "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

I'll introduce my second point this way.

In Ramon Stevens' book, "Conscious Life", we are told of a young apprentice who defiantly cries out, "I create my own reality! Nothing can affect me! I am invincible!" Alexander, channeled by Stevens, asks what would the likely outcome be if this person were to stand naked in a snowstorm? Enlightenment or frostbite?

While Alexander does allow for the rare possibility that a well trained yogi could use his mind to control his body so well that there would be no problems, almost for sure the student would be asking for trouble.

So my second point is that other people, the environment, events and even objects around you have an effect on you. Don't be naive about the constant dynamic interplay that goes on between you and the outside world. The power to create your own reality does not free you from the influence of these other things.

If there are people around you that do not support you and the way you are unfolding, you should consider consciously shifting your life in a way that they will not longer be present.

If a kind person is surrounded be mean, selfish people, it will be difficult for him or her to continue being kind since that kindness will not be appreciated by those who receive it. If a goldfish is in a bowl of dirty water, it might be able to survive but it will not be as vibrant as it could be.

In a way, it is like sailing a boat. Your boat is always interacting with everything around it, the waves, the current, the wind and more.

But it is not simply the direction of the wind that determine which way your boat will go for you are the one that sets your sails. With the passive, unconscious creative approach, you don't set the sails at all and you end up getting blown all around, even onto the rocks.

With an active, conscious creative approach, you choose to sail your sailboat on adventures that hold hidden treasure waiting to be discovered by you. And if you have take precautions and kept an eye on the weather, you should be able to get to a safe harbor before any storms hit.

So create your life consciously and always be aware of everything around you. Happy sailing!

That concludes this chapter.

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