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The Mystic's View!
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by Tom Razzeto

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Chapter 2 - Out of Body Experiences

Some people claim that they can cause their consciousness to leave their body and go other places. Can this be true?

They claim that they can, at will, leave their body and go other places. These places can be places that are here on earth, places that might best be described as other dimensions and even places in outer space like the moon or the planets.

Many O B E s or OBEs, as they are often called, are completely spontaneous and happen only once to a person who was not even aware that such a thing was possible. Perhaps the reports of both spontaneous and intentional experiences are true. Is it possible to learn how to do this? Would there be any benefit to it? Is it safe? Let's take a closer look.

OBEs have been accepted in the East for thousands of years but have only recently received attention in the West. One researcher was the late Robert Monroe who founded the Monroe Institute in Virginia. His classic book, "Journeys Out of the Body" was published in 1971 and was followed by "Far Journeys" and then later "The Ultimate Journey".

In "Journeys Out of the Body", Monroe tells some stories of his attempts to prove that his consciousness could actually visit people in our normal space and time. In one experiment, he wanted to visit a close friend who was vacationing on the New Jersey coast. Without knowing any further details, he left his body and focused his desire on being with his friend.

He found her with two young women, about eighteen years old, one blonde and one brunette, sitting in the kitchen-dinning area talking and having soft drinks. The young women paid no attention to him at all but he was able to communicate telepathically with his friend. They had a brief conversation which focused on her remembering his out of body visit to her. She assured him that she would certainly remember, but Monroe, disappointed by unkept promises by other people in similar situations, insisted on pinching his friend. She let out a startled yelp and Monroe quickly went back to his body satisfied that he had made an impression.

A few days later, his friend returned from her vacation. Monroe asked her what she had been doing between 3 and 4 on Saturday afternoon. She said she was with her brunette niece and her niece's blonde friend in the kitchen area talking and having soft drinks. At first, she did not mention anything else but when Monroe asked her if she remembered being pinched, she was very surprised and even showed him the mark made by the pinch. Robert Monroe always kept very detailed notes and they matched his friend's experience exactly.

One reason to study out of body experiences is to find out if consciousness survives the death of the body. In fact, one thing that experiencers frequently report is: "I don't simply believe that consciousness survives death . . . I know that it does!"

In this regard, Robert Monroe relates an out of body experience that he had shortly after he moved into a rented home. During the experience, he encountered a woman spirit who was very concerned about some paintings. Days later, Monroe talked to a neighbor who told him about the previous owner who had passed away about a year before. She loved her house and the many paintings in it. The neighbor showed Monroe a group picture of fifty or sixty people and Monroe was able to quickly pick her out. The neighbor also confirmed some of her very distinct mannerisms which Monroe had witnessed.

In my opinion, the greatest value of out of body experiences is in helping us grow spiritually. Although not everyone who tries to have an OBE will be successful, I think that everyone who genuinely looks into the subect will learn some very important spiritual truths.

By far the most dramatic learning is done when people repeatedly have their own experiences, especially if they choose to visit with their spiritual guides, who are always available to help us. I think that our guides are especially delighted to help us when we are not focused on mundane earthly problems like money and instead ask how we can learn to be more receptive of God's love or how we can learn to be more forgiving of ourselves and others, for example.

There are many good books and websites about out of body experiences. Find the ones you like and start reading. If you are up for it, give it a try yourself. I recommend the comprehensive book, "Mastering Astral Projection" by Robert Bruce and Brian Mercer. This flexible 90-day guide will progressively coach you through the specific and easy to understand steps. A 6 CD Companion set is also offered.

Albert Taylor, who wrote the book, "Soul Traveler" likes to say, "I'm not trying to convince anybody of anything, I'm just giving them the tools so that they can prove it to themselves." I think that this is an extremely important point. When he was asked, "How do you know it's real?" He answered, "Because I've gone to many places under verifiable conditions".

Taylor's book records some of his own experiences and covers everything you need to safely and confidently try your own out of body experience including how to do it, what to expect, how to handle the fear of the unknown and how to use OBEs for spiritual growth.

By the way, years ago Taylor thought OBEs were completely impossible - a crazy idea if ever there was one. Today he is completely convinced that they are real and that they can be beneficial.

Incidently, I find it interesting that both Robert Monroe and Albert Taylor have strong scientific and engineering backgrounds.

I would like to add just one more point regarding proof. OBE workshop leader Jerry Gross said in an interview, "I traveled astrally from St. Paul, Minnesota to Los Angeles and moved a box they had set up on the stage for me. Once you learn how to do your own OBE, you'll have proved it to yourself, and that's why I call my little group, 'Search and Prove'. I want you to prove this to yourself for that's the ultimate proof. Don't take my word for it, prove it to yourself."

That's it for this chapter.

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