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The Mystic's View!
Awaken Conscious Creation!

by Tom Razzeto

Copyright 2007 - Tom Razzeto

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Chapter 3 - Near Death Experiences

Is it possible that our consciousness survives the death of our body?

We have many reports of people apparently dying in the presence of other people. The "dead" person's consciousness sometimes floats above the scene while still seeing and hearing the activity below. Later, the person regains normal consciousness and accurately reports many things that took place while they were "dead".

There are many good books on the subject but there are only a few written by medical doctors. One is "What Happens When We Die" by Dr Sam Parnia from 2006 but the first was the classic from 1976 by Dr Raymond Moody called, "Life After Life". In it, he interviews hundreds of people who were observed by medical professionals as they "died" and came back to life.

In another book by Brad and Sherry Steiger titled "Children of the Light", there is a story about a 16 year old boy named W. Martin. Martin was living 12 miles away from his parents when he was struck on the head by a large stone. He floated above the scene and watched people carry his body into his nearby bedroom.

Upon wondering how his parents would react to his injury, he immediately found himself in their home watching them eat dinner. His mother suddenly declared intuitively that something was wrong with their son. Soon, a telegram arrived informing them of the accident. They decided to take a train to their son's home and the son, still out of his body, watched them during part of this journey.

Once the parents were with their son's body, he reentered his body, regained normal consciousness and reported his observations. He remarked how odd it was that his mother knew of his condition even before the telegram arrived. This announcement amazed both of his parents who were further astonished when he recited verbatim some of their conversation on the train.

An interesting addition to this story is that while waiting for his parents to arrive at his bedroom, the son watched Mrs. Wilson, a neighbor they all knew, giving birth at her home. He was tempted to enter the body of the new born but instead choose to go back to his own body. Before he returned to his body, he heard the doctor tell the others in the room that both the mother and the child had passed away. He told his parents about this and they later learned that Mrs. Wilson did indeed pass away while giving birth to a stillborn child on the day of the accident.

It's important to note that the boy was able to gather information from places far away from his body. This shows that these experiences are not simply the body's physical senses continuing to function while the body is apparently "dead".

This story, and the many like it, offer compelling evidence that consciousness can maintain thought, sight and hearing while separated from the physical body. But the Near Death Experience can be much more than that. Let's consider Dannion Brinkley's experience as reported in his book, "Saved by the Light".

Dannion encountered a nonjudgmental Being of Light that overwhelmed him with sympathy, encouragement, love and compassion. Dannion went through a complete review of his life. The scenes included Dannion hurting people as a child bully, killing people in the Vietnam War and delivering guns to Central America. But there was a twist. Dannion experienced each event from the perspective of the people that were hurt. He even followed the guns as they were used to kill innocent people. He watched children crying because their fathers were all dead. While he was uncomfortable feeling their sorrow and pain, the experience was not meant to punish him but rather to help him learn compassion.

After the review, Dannion expected a strong rebuke but instead was bathed in love and unconditional acceptance. He was told that love is the most important thing and that he would be going back into his body. He became a much kinder person, no longer mean and selfish. He no longer fears death and fully accepts his life because he now sees that he has chosen it. He even gained some psychic abilities.

I would like to finish with the words that the Being of Light told Dannion:

"Humans are powerful spiritual beings meant to create good on the earth. This good isn't usually accomplished in bold actions, but in singular acts of kindness between people. It's the little things that count, because they are more spontaneous and show who you truly are."

That concludes this chapter.

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