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The Mystic's View!
Awaken Conscious Creation!

by Tom Razzeto

Copyright 2007 - Tom Razzeto

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Chapter 4 - Talking to Spirits via Psychic Mediums

Let's move deeper into the question of whether consciousness survives the death of the body.

There's a book by Joel Martin and Patricia Romanowski titled, "We Don't Die". It discusses in great detail the work of psychic medium George Anderson. As a medium, George is able to communicate with spirits on the other side. He can ask them questions and receive answers from them. His clients give him no information beforehand other than their own first names. Let's take a look at one case from the book.

In 1982, 16 year old David Licata was walking home at night with a male friend. They were both hit from behind by a car with the friend being critically injured and David passing on to the other side. Over the next couple of months, his grieving parents, John and Barbara, repeatedly heard about George Anderson but they were skeptical. Finally, after four months, they decided to go see him.

George does his work while in a highly focused state of concentration. He asks that his clients respond to his questions with a simple "yes" or "no" and rarely asks them to elaborate. Through this process, he was able to establish that John and Barbara had lost their son in a car accident plus many more details.

There are a couple of very interesting aspects of this story. At the time, the parents were unaware that the accident was near a small body of water. George kept asking, "Was there water nearby?" "No." "Was he found near water?" "No." "Was there a river, a brook nearby?" "No." "It must mean something. He keeps insisting, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" He keeps saying , "Yes!"" Months later, Barbara discovered that directly behind the location was a pond where the neighborhood boys would go fishing. This shows that George does not simply go along with what the people tell him and gives strong credence to what he hears from the other side.

Even more interesting to me was that a young girl, a friend of David's, had past away four months before David did. She was the first spirit to greet David when he died and help him with his transition. George picked up on her presence at the scene and this confused George. He thought that she had passed away with David. Before this was clarified, the parents thought that George was way off track because he keep asking if there was a young girl with him. After this was cleared up, the parents were impressed because George had discovered her passing and her friendship with David.

George also saw David holding out a white rosary and asked the parents about it. Barbara said that she had a white rosary and that she said a rosary everyday for David. George informed her that David likes the rosary and that it helps him. My thoughts are that David likes the rosary because he knows that it helps comfort his mother.

While verifying various details can help prove that the spirit contact is real, there are often more important things that help people overcome their grief. There is often a request for forgiveness or an offer of love and comfort. I think that forgiveness is one of the most important spiritual qualities for us to develop and, in this case, David mentions that he forgives the driver and asks his parents to do the same.

By the way, Joel Martin and Patricia Romanowski have two other books about George Anderson called, "We Are Not Forgotten" and "Our Children Forever". They are filled with messages of love and hope and are highly recommended.

It is interesting to note that Joel Martin was at first a firm skeptic. And no ordinary skeptic at that. Joel works with Stephen Kaplan, an internationally known scientist who specializes in publicly exposing paranormal hoaxes. Joel and Stephen were responsible for exposing the Amityville Horror hoax. Yet after eight years of testing George Anderson, they are convinced that he is genuine.

Before I finish, I want to mention the very important and on going work of Dr Gary Schwartz. Dr Schwartz has a Harvard PhD and served as a professor of psychology and psychiatry at Yale University. I highly recommend his books, "The Afterlife Experiments" and "The Truth About Medium", which is about the 2005 TV Show called "Medium". You can also read plenty of material at his website: openmindsciences dot com. I especially recommend the section where he talks about one of his skeptical critics, Ray Hyman.

I want to also recommend James Van Praagh's book, "Talking to Heaven" and John Edward's book, "Crossing Over".

I would like to finish with the simple words of George Anderson:

"I want people to understand that life is everlasting. Everything that happens in your life has a purpose."

That concludes this chapter.

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