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The Mystic's View!
Awaken Conscious Creation!

by Tom Razzeto

Copyright 2007 - Tom Razzeto

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Chapter 7 - Freewill

You've heard people say many times, "You can do anything!" but is this really true?

If you have listened to my previous chapters, you now see that the true nature of reality is greater than that currently accepted by mainstream science, which has not fully addressed the creative powers of human consciousness.

But what is human consciousness and what are it's creative powers? These are some of the deepest of all questions and I'll start by talking about freewill since it's with our freewill that we put our creative powers into action.

Having freewill, at its most basic level, means being able to choose between two or more things. But what are our choices? Can we truly choose anything at all? Well, I don't think so.

Sure, if you're inspired, stay focused and work hard, you may accomplish feats that people thought were impossible for you to do. There are countless examples of ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things.

But does that really mean that we all can do anything as long as we apply ourselves properly? Again, I say, "No". Let's consider some examples, some silly, some not so silly.

Can you learn to fly without a plane? Can you run a mile in one minute? Can you win the lottery? Can you become a famous singer, movie star or sports hero? Can you win the heart of the person whom you have a crush on? Can you get that dream job? Can you be happy even though your dreams did not come true?

Obviously, no one will be able to do some of those things and only a few people will win the big lottery or become famous. And I'll talk later about being happy even though your dreams did not come true but right now, let's talk more about what you really can do.

The way I see it, each of us has a menu of choices in front of us. The list is not infinite. We cannot do anything at all. But we do have many choices. Different people have different opportunities, different menus, in front of them. And as time goes on, our menus change for each of us. In fact, the choice we make in one moment brings forth a new menu.

All of this is quite obvious so let's move to a more interesting aspect of this discussion.

Let's take the example of a baseball batter. He is trying to hit the ball. He will pick what seems like the right time and he will choose to swing the bat. Swinging the bat is something that he can choose to do for sure. But there is no guarantee that he will actually hit the ball. He can only try to hit the ball. He cannot choose to hit the ball for sure. In fact, if he gets a hit one third of the time, he'll be among the best batters.

Now of course I know that many people say, "Don't try to do something, just do it! Never doubt that it will happen. As soon as you doubt your success, you will fail for sure." Well, I don't agree with them. Upon examining many personal experiences, it doesn't seem that way to me.

I recall a business venture that I attempted. I had complete and total confidence that it would at least work out to a viable level. Whether it would be a huge success, I didn't know but I thought that even that was a distinct possibility.

I was very inspired, well focused and worked extremely hard. All of my talents were working together at a level of synergy that I had never experienced before. But, alas, it did not amount to anything business wise.

Perhaps you can also think of something that you had complete confidence in and yet it did not work out.

Maybe there is a level of reality where you do determine, with completely certainty, what will happen in your physical world but I don't believe that we, in our normal consciousness, always have that ability.

Sometimes, our higher self might guide us in unseen ways. If we pick a goal that is not in agreement with our overall best interest, that goal may or may not be achieved but either way, we can still learn some important lessons along the path.

The point is that many things that we choose to attempt do not have a fixed, guaranteed outcome. Often, we enter into an area where probability is at work. In sports, two teams can choose to to play one another but neither can directly choose to win. The team that has the best players, best team work, focus, confidence and luck will win. But no one knows what will happen until the game is over. That's what makes it exciting. If it was known ahead of time, we would become bored and not want to play. It can be that way in life, too. We want life to have a sense of adventure and an element of excitement about the mystery of what will happen.

I'd like to make one more very important point. Just because we can't choose anything at all doesn't mean that we are doomed to a life of misery. Of all the choices on our menu, many can lead to a reasonably happy adventure. Sure, there will be challenges; that's just the way life is. But if you choose wisely, your life will be more of a fun struggle rather than an unbearable excursion.

By the way, when it comes time for me to make a big decision, I use my emotions. I pretend that I have picked one of the choices and I see how it feels for a day or two. Then I switch to the other choice and see how that feels. Later, after I have committed to the choice and I am on my path, I use my mind kind of like a flashlight to help guide my steps.

That concludes this chapter.

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