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Tom Razzeto
Tom Razzeto
The Mystic's View!
Awaken to Conscious Creation!

A mystical audio book and
transcripts for grown-ups

Copyright 2007 by Tom Razzeto

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"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can
alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind." William James

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, for what
is essential is invisible to the eye." - The Little Prince

~ It is in this spirit that I offer this audio book ~


This audio book is a "work in progress" and you can watch it unfold right on this website. I plan to have the first book for sale and available for download in late 2007.

You can enjoy reading all of the chapters right on this website! Just use the links below. Feel free to print them out, as you wish. If you like what you read, perhaps you will buy the audio book when it becomes available.

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The Mystic's View!

Complete transcripts of the audio book
(Click on the chapter for the transcripts)

Chapter 1 - Is the World an Illusion?
   Is our physical world "the totality of reality" or only "part of the picture"?
   Why would anyone say that the world is an illusion?
   What is a good definition of an illusion?
   Don't draw the wrong conclusion from only part of the picture
   How can we find out more about the bigger picture?

Chapter 2 - Out-of-Body Experiences
   A scientific approach: The Monroe Institute in Virginia
   Robert Monroe pinches someone to prove his OBE
   Robert Monroe encounters a woman's spirit during an OBE
   Jerry Gross OBEs 1,000s of miles to push a box on a stage
   Albert Taylor says, "I've gone to many places under verifiable conditions"
   Don't take my word for it, prove it to yourself!

Chapter 3 - Near-Death Experiences
   A near-death experience that includes an out-of-body experience
   Dannion Brinkley's life review

Chapter 4 - Psychic Mediums
   A case from the book, "We Don't Die"
   Dr. Gary Schwartz, James Von Praag and John Edwards

Chapter 5 - Past Lives
   Many past lives are remembered without hypnosis
   A case that has physical evidence to back it up
   A case that involves psychological blindness
   Dr. Ian Stevenson - over 40 years of scientific research

Chapter 6 - The Mystic's View: God and Creation Are the Same Reality
   How could this be true and yet not be obvious?
   Liquid water and solid ice. The same thing in different forms.
   We are all made out of the same thing but we are not all the same.
   We are each a unique expression of the eternal divine essence!
   Through this mysterious essence, we are all connected to each other!
   We are all divine drops in the ocean of God!
   Know yourself and you shall know God!

Chapter 7 - Freewill
   You can do anything! Or can you?
   What are the limits of human creative powers?
   We all have a different menu of choices in front of us
   We have no guarantee that what we choose will come to us

Chapter 8 - Choosing Your Emotions
   Are we really just victims of our own emotions and situations?
   Change from a normal negative emotion to a positive emotional choice
   Dealing with negative emotion when you cannot change it to a positive one
   Do negative emotions actually damage your awareness (the big you)?
   Dealing with anger
   What matters more to you? Getting what you want on the outside or
      getting what you want on the inside?

Chapter 9 - Happiness and Beliefs
   Skit: A new customer orders lunch
   How fear can lead to unsound choices
   Do not fear the future. Be ready for rain or shine.
   Be adventurous, be alive!

Chapter 10 - Concious Creation
   You create your own reality. Or do you?
   Conscious or unconscious creation
   Be open to surprises and miracles
   People and your environment affect you
   It is the setting of your sails, not the direction of the wind

Magic Thoughts
   Here are a few affirmations and thoughts about peace

More chapters coming soon!

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