Twisted Bar

Use Your Magic!
for Personal and World Peace

by Uncle Tom (Tom Razzeto)

Copyright 2001 - 2006 - Thomas R Razzeto

Twisted Bar

Chapter 1 - Holly Finds Her Magic!

Even though it had been a beautiful day, Holly's heart was feeling sad. You see, her sweet puppy, Kelly, was missing. Kelly was only six months old and had never been missing before.

But yesterday when Holly was at school, Kelly got out through a hole under the fence and did not come home before dark so now Holly was worried that Kelly might not come home at all.

As she was just about to go to sleep, Holly told herself she would try her very best to find Kelly and bring her home.

That night Holly had a dream. A very nice person came to Holly in her dream and said, "My name is Allyson and I want to help you find your puppy. You see, deep inside of you, deep inside of everyone, is a very strong power. Most people don't know about this power but you can give it a try right now."

"What should I do?" asked Holly.

Allyson said, "You should think clearly about how much you love your puppy and how much your puppy loves you. Then use your magic to attract Kelly to you. If everything goes well, Kelly will feel you drawing her back to you like a magnet. You can do this now in your dream and you can do it more when you wake up. You don't need to do it for a long time but try it for a few minutes each day."

Holly woke up the next morning and remembered her dream. She was still sad that Kelly was gone but decided to use her magic to draw Kelly to her. She closed her eyes and pictured Kelly in her arms licking her face the way she does when she is very happy and showing her love.

This made Holly feel a little better. At least she was doing something to help bring Kelly home. Off to school she went with a bit of a smile for the first time in a few days.

When she came home from school, a fabulous surprise was waiting for her! There was Kelly, wagging her tail and greeting Holly with the biggest licks ever. Both Holly and Kelly were filled with joy and they were able to play together the rest of the day.

That night Holly had another dream.

Allyson came to her again and said, "I am so happy Kelly came back to you! You both love each other very much!"

Holly asked, "Will my magic always work no matter what I ask for?"

"Well, Holly, it's not that simple. As your life goes on, you will not always get what you want. The good news is that you can still be very happy even though you do not get everything that you ask for. You can always choose to feel that tickle of happiness inside of you at any moment.

"You see, when God made you, God gave you the power to choose and the power to create things in your life. Unfortunately many people have forgotten how to do this. That is why I have come to you, to teach you how to use your magic. It's fun and it will make your life better!"

"Could you please tell me more about God," Holly asked.

"God is the most wonderful thing in the whole universe. God made everything and everyone. Best of all, God made everything and everyone out of the same thing that God is made out of. We are all a part of God. God is everything outside of us and everything inside of us. We are not separate from God and we are all connected to each other."

"If God made us all, are we all the same?" Holly asked.

"Well, you should give everyone the same kindness and respect but everyone is different. For example, we each have our own body, we each have our own feelings and we each have our own thoughts. And, in a way, we are all on different levels. Do you know how students at your school are in different classes?"

"Yes. Some are in my class and some are in other classes studing harder subjects."

"Yes," Allyson replied, "it is a bit like that. And no one should be treated badly just because they are in a lower class or treated extra special just because they are in a higher class. Does that make sense?"

"Yes, I think I understand." said Holly.

"Oh yes! One more thing." said Allyson, "It is God within us that gives us the power to use our magic. So use your magic wisely. Do good thing with your magic. Use your magic to help others and use your magic to help yourself!"

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