Twisted Bar

Use Your Magic!
for Personal and World Peace

by Uncle Tom (Tom Razzeto)

Copyright 2001 - 2006 - Thomas R Razzeto

Twisted Bar

Chapter 2 - Peace, the Golden Rule and God

As Holly was slowly falling to sleep one night, she thought, "I wonder if Allyson will come to visit me tonight in my dreams. Maybe we can just have fun and go on a nice adventure."

Sure enough, Allyson did come to visit and asked, "Holly, would you like meet a prince?"

"Oh, yes! That sounds like fun!"

In the blink of an eye, Holly and Allyson were inside a beautiful kingdom with many children about the same age as Holly. They were all playing games and they warmly asked Holly to join them.

The games were very fun but a lot different from the games that Holly knew where some people would win and some people would lose. In these games, everyone would win by learning to share with each other. Everyone would feel good inside when it was their turn to share. Together they all learned to help one another.

When the games were through, Allyson introduced the Prince by saying, "Holly, I want you to meet James. He watches over this peaceful kingdom."

James said, "Holly, I am so glad that you came to visit us. We have lots of fun here and you are welcome to be with us whenever you want. Before you go to sleep, just tell yourself gently that you want to come see us. And tell your friends about us. I think that they will like playing here, too."

"Why is everyone here is so happy?" asked Holly.

"Well, the people here have learned two things. They have learned not to be selfish and they have learned not to be afraid. It makes us all feel good inside when we help one another. I can see that you know that feeling, too. I can tell by the goodness of your heart that you are someone that already knows the golden rule."

"What's the golden rule?" asked Holly.

"It is very easy to remember. The golden rule says, 'Always treat people kindly, including yourself.' And there is a silver rule that goes with it: 'Have as much fun as possible while enjoying the golden rule!'"

"That does sound easy but I bet sometimes it's hard to really do." said Holly.

"Yes, I am glad you see that everything is not always easy. But if you try and try, you will always get better. If you slip up and treat someone badly, tell them that you are sorry and that you will try to do better next time. So you see, you really can't fail when you keep trying your best."

"If we do something very bad, will God send us to hell?" Holly asked.

"Oh, no! God never wants you to suffer at all and God will always forgive you no matter what you do. You see, punishing people by sending them to hell would not really help God and it would not help anyone else either. So don't be afraid of God or hell."

"Could you please tell me more about peace?"

"Peace is the most important thing. Peace comes when you are not afraid or worried. Peace comes from knowing that God loves you and that you can receive that love at any time. Peace comes from knowing that God is everywhere including inside you and inside everyone.

"Without peace, it is hard for you to feel happy. Without peace, it is hard to share your kindness, to share your love. Choose to be in peace at every moment. It will fill your life with joy."

"Can you tell me more about God?"

"Of course!" said James. "God is very loving. God can only do good things and can never hurt you or anyone. No matter what happens, no matter what you do, God is always sending you love, kindness and good things.

"But there is one more thing to know about God's gifts."

"What's that?" asked Holly.

"You have to be open to receive all this love and kindness. This is a choice you can easily make at any time. You see, God likes you so much that if you say that you do not want something, God will not make you have it. God is happy to wait until you choose to receive God's love.

"But often people say 'No' to God's gifts without really knowing it. They turn down God's gifts by thinking that they have done something in the past that is so bad that God doesn't like them anymore. Or sometimes people just think that they are not important and that God is not paying attention to them. This is never true. God always loves you.

"Always know that you deserve God's love. Open to receive it every day. Let it fill you up with peace and happiness. It is always there for you to receive.

"Sit for a few minutes everyday and picture in your mind the golden, loving light of God coming like a river into you and filling you up with joy. Do this right now. See God's kindness flowing into you right now. Use your magic to receive God's love and live in peace."

Holly gave both James and Allyson a big hug and said that she was so happy that they were helping her learn about life and God. With that thought, Holly drifted off into a restful sleep.

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