Twisted Bar

Use Your Magic!
for Personal and World Peace

Copyright 2001 - 2006 - Thomas R Razzeto

by Uncle Tom (Tom Razzeto)

Twisted Bar

Chapter 3 - Teaching Others to Use Their Magic

A few weeks later, Holly went to visit her friend Steve on the way home from school. Steve was in Holly's class and they played together often. Steve was feeling a little bit sad because his dog, Sheila, was very old and not feeling well. Holly was hoping she could cheer Steve and Sheila up.

Well, Sheila was glad to see Holly but she really did not have much strength to play. Holly could see in Sheila's eyes that she was very tired.

Later that night, Allyson came to Holly in another dream.

Holly asked her, "Can I use my magic to help Sheila?"

"Yes, you can," said Allyson, "but you must understand something. Your magic can help Sheila feel better yet there comes a time for all living things to go back into the spirit world. Nobody can live forever. But the good news is that our spirits continue to live with God in the spirit world.

"So don't think that just because you use your magic that Sheila will become young and healthy. If it is time for her to go back into her spirit form and be with God, your magic will help her make that change in a gentle way. Ask your friend Steve to use his magic, too. Both of you together will be better than just one of you."

So the next day Holly told Steve what Allyson had said.

Steve was a little bit surprised but asked to know more since he loved his dog and wanted to help her. "I have never been told how to use my magic before. How should we do it? Is it easy?"

"Oh, yes, it's easy!" said Holly. "Allyson wants us to sit quietly for a few minutes and picture in our minds a happy, peaceful Sheila. We should send love like a river from our hearts to Sheila. We should see Sheila fill up with golden light. We should see her happy and in peace."

Steve thought about what Holly had said and decided to try to use his magic. Both Holly and Steve sat quietly for a few minutes each afternoon. They pictured Sheila happy and filled with golden light.

A few weeks passed and although Sheila did not get stronger, she seemed to be happier. Finally, one night, Sheila passed away. Steve was very sad to lose his precious pet but he saw peace in Sheila's eyes as she left on her journey back into the spirit world.

That night, Steve had a dream. He was playing with Sheila at her favorite park. She was young, heathy and full of energy. He could tell that Sheila was now very happy to be with God in the spirit world and that made him feel so much better.

Steve saw Holly at school the next day and gladly told her, "Thanks for teaching me how to use my magic! It really helped both Sheila and me!"

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