Twisted Bar

Use Your Magic!
for Personal and World Peace

Copyright 2001 - 2006 - Thomas R Razzeto

by Uncle Tom (Tom Razzeto)

Twisted Bar

Chapter 4 - Happiness is a Choice

During her next dream, Holly asked Allyson a question. Holly had been thinking about her dog getting lost and Steve's dog dying and started to wonder about other bad things. So she asked Allyson, "Do bad things just happen sometimes, even to good people?"

Allyson said, "That's a very hard question and I am sorry that I don't know the complete answer. But perhaps I can still help you. Please listen carefully. No matter what happens, you choose how you feel when it happens. I know that other people say that you cannot choose how you feel. They say, 'I can't help it. That's just the way I feel.' But you do choose how you feel. Try it yourself. You can show yourself that it is true. You are the one who makes the choice about how you feel!

"When Kelly was missing, you could have become mad that she was gone and you could have chosen to think the very worse, perhaps that she really would not come back at all. You could have chosen to become very sad, but instead, you chose to be more cheerful and chose to try to draw Kelly to you like a magnet. Your good thoughts helped bring Kelly back to you.

"You do choose how you feel. So use your magic to choose to be happy and at peace at every moment. God is within you and you can always turn to that great power inside you. God's gifts of peace and joy are always available to you. Use your magic! Be open and receive God's gifts of peace and happiness now!"

"Wow," said Holly, "I have never thought of it like that before. I will try it. I will see if it is really true. If I start to feel bad and think bad things, I will stop myself right away and make a change. I will choose to feel God inside me and the peace and joy that is always there for me."

"Very good! And there is another thought that I want to share with you," said Allyson.

"What's that?" Holly asked.

"A good thing for you to do is to ask all of your classmates to use their magic together. When a big group works together, their magic becomes even stronger. All of you together can close your eyes and picture in your minds a river of love and healing energy flowing into the whole class. This will help the class get along with each other. People will be happier and treat others with more kindness. You will all enjoy being at school and you will even learn better.

"That sounds good! I will tell all the children at school tomorrow."

"Excellent! Remember to use your magic all the time - both on your own and as a group!

"And most importantly, please remember: Happiness is a choice that you make at every moment."

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