Twisted Bar

Use Your Magic!
for Personal and World Peace

Copyright 2001 - 2006 - Thomas R Razzeto

by Uncle Tom (Tom Razzeto)

Twisted Bar

Chapter 5 - Loving Yourself

Holly asked Allyson, "I have been thinking. Is it selfish for me to use my magic to help myself?"

"What a good question, Holly! When you do nice things for yourself while still treating other people kindly, you are doing something very good. It's called self-love. Self-love is such a wonderful thing that you should practice it all the time. It is part of the golden rule. The kindness that you give yourself when you practice self-love will spread to everyone around you. The important thing to remember is to treat others kindly, too.

"When you do things for yourself while treating other people in a mean way, you are being selfish. Try not to be selfish. Maybe an example will help you understand.

"Let's say that you are playing with a toy and someone else comes along and wants to take it away from you. Go ahead and let them have the toy, even if it is yours. You can play with something else or simply choose to be happy without it. Later they will be done playing with the toy and you can enjoy it.

"In this case, the person taking the toy is being selfish since they are being mean to you and they don't care about your feelings. It is much more fun and feels good inside when you love yourself while still repecting others.

"It is a matter of both attitude and action. A bad attitude will lead to bad actions and a good attitude will lead to good actions. So have a good attitude of kindness and respect for everyone, including yourself.

"Practice self-love and use your magic to create peace in your life and you will feel happy most of the time. Remember, you are here to learn about love and about life. Since you learn best when you are happy, God wants you to be happy."

"Allyson," Holly asked, "you said that God will never hurt us or punish us. Why do parents and teachers punish children when they are bad?"

"When parents and teachers punish children who misbehave, they punish with time outs. This is not meant to hurt you or to make you suffer. It is only meant to give you time to think about how you can become a better person. It's a way to help you learn to respect others and to respect yourself."

"What should I do if someone is mean to me?" asked Holly.

"This is one of the most important questions. Please listen very carefully. First, do not be mean to them. Do not hit them back or yell at them, even if they hit you first. But don't let them continue to be mean to you! If you continue to treat them kindly and they continue to treat you badly, leave them alone and just go away.

"If that doesn't work, go get help from an adult who should prevent them from being mean to you. It is good and proper for the adult to firmly stop the bad child from hurting you anymore.

"But do not hate that person or be angry at them even if they hate you and want to hurt you. Remember, God is inside them just like God is inside you.

"If you and the adult were to hate the mean person, the circle of hatred would continue and get bigger. That choice just makes things worse for everyone. To break the circle of hatred, you need to do something that is a bit tricky. You need to stop the person from hurting you while still sending them love and not hating them. When the circle of hatred is broken, the world becomes a more peaceful place.

"Also remember that you can use your magic to draw peaceful people to you like a magnet just like you drew Kelly to you when she was missing. If you practice doing this most of the time, mean people will not be drawn to you very often.

"Holly, I also want you to know that you are never all alone even when no one seems to be with you. There are many spirits like me who love you very much and are always nearby. You can ask us to help you at anytime. We cannot do everything but we can usually help you find for yourself that happiness and peace that is always within you. When you talk to us, we hear you. If you listen carefully with a calm mind, you might also be able to hear us talk to you. When you use your magic to do good things, you can ask us to join you and we will use our magic to help you."

"So let's work together and use our magic to create happiness and peace for everyone!"

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