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Tom Razzeto
Tom Razzeto
Use Your Magic!
for Personal and World Peace

A Spiritual audio book for children

Available as a download for $8 (US Dollars)

(Complete transcripts below)

Copyright 2001-2006 by Thomas R Razzeto

Twisted Bar

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, for what
is essential is invisible to the eye." - The Little Prince

"The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved
by the level of thinking that created them." - Albert Einstein

~ It is in this spirit that I offer this audio book ~


I am excited to offer this inexpensive spiritual children's audio book for immediate download in mp3 format! The ideas of living a conscious and creative life are woven into the story in an interesting and unique way. These ideas will help both adults and children be at peace most of the time and help world peace unfold for us all here and now! You may even find some answers to questions that you have thought about all your life!

You can enjoy reading all of the chapters right on this website! Just use the links below. Feel free to print them out, as you wish. If you like what you read, perhaps you will buy the audio book.

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Tom Razzeto
(Uncle Tom)

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Complete transcripts of the audio book
(Click on the chapter for the transcripts)

Is personal peace required for world peace?

Chapter 1
Holly meets Allyson and learns about her magic
   The divine power within everyone
   Will our magic always work?
   Choosing to be happy even when we don't get what we want
   We are all connected to God and each other

Chapter 2
Holly meets James and learns about personal peace
   Games of sharing and cooperation
   Happiness comes from not being selfish or afraid
   Peace comes from knowing that God's love is always available
   The Golden Rule and the Silver Rule
   God is completely forgiving
   God does not send people to hell
   Being open to receive God's gifts

Chapter 3
Holly helps Steve with his dog
   Teaching others to use their magic
   Learning about death and the eternal soul

Chapter 4
Happiness is a choice you make at every moment
   Do bad things just happen to good people?
   Teaching the whole class to use their magic
   Choose to be happy and at peace at every moment

Chapter 5
Holly learns about self-love
   The difference between self-love and selfishness
   If God forgives, why do parents punish children?
   Dealing with mean people
   Breaking the circle of hatred

Chapter 6
Allyson asks everyone to use their magic for world peace
   Listening to new ideas from other people
   Joining the World Peace Hug!

Magic Thoughts for Peace
   Here are a few peace affirmations and visions

If you want to hear what the audio book will sound like, a sample is available right here:

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