Twisted Bar

Use Your Magic!
for Personal and World Peace

by Uncle Tom (Tom Razzeto)

Copyright 2001 - 2006 - Thomas R Razzeto

Twisted Bar

Note: This introduction is not included in the audio book. The audio book starts immediately with chapter 1.


When I was a freshman in college, I attended the nearby Catholic Church. The Vietnam War was still going on and many students were urging an end to the war. In the church was a mural that depicted a silhouette of a soldier at the moment of being shot. The words that were on that mural still stand out in my mind:

"There can be no peace between men until
there is peace within each of them."

"Ah ha!" I said to myself, "That is indeed the core issue! This is what has to happen in order for there to be progress towards world peace." But what is the secret to personal peace and how can we teach it to others? Can we only teach by example? How can we inspire others to discover their own personal power to create their own personal peace?

Those questions have been on my mind for many years. Recently I started thinking about writing a children's book focused on teaching personal and world peace. I had never put the idea of world peace together with children's books before but the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like a natural fit.

If we can inspire a whole generation of children to embrace personal peace, wouldn't they naturally and gently bring that peace to the whole world as they grow up and take their place in it? And what would happen if all children and adults used their magic daily to bring peace to themselves and everyone right now?

When we make personal peace a high priority, our personal experience of it will become much more frequent. If we don't make personal peace a high priority, it may not come to us very often. It is a matter of priorities and choice. Personal peace is something that we can all work towards now and this peace can spread to others by example.

The general ideas in this book are not new at all but the story and the presentation of these ideas might be just what children and adults want at this time. My intention is to offer the teachings with the goal of helping people bring peace to themselves, their families, their communities and, of course, our world.

Thank you very much for listening to or reading, "Use Your Magic!" May it serve you well and help us all create world peace!

Tom Razzeto
August 2001

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