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Your Mystical Adventure!
Find the Divine in Everything!

by Tom Razzeto

Copyright 2007 - Tom Razzeto

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Chapter 2 - The Mystic's View: God and Creation Are the Same Reality in Different Forms

Some people believe that God is in everything. How could this be true and yet not be obvious? How could a common rock be God? Let's look into this question by considering the following.

Suppose you have arrived on Earth from far away and are exploring it for the first time. And suppose you have found a block of frozen ice. As you examine the ice closely, you take note of its properties. It is so cold that it almost hurts to touch it. It is very hard and will not flow around your hand but if you hit it with a rock, you can break off a few pieces.

Then image that you discover a natural hot springs big enough to jump into. The hot water feels fantastic and you delight in how it flows all around your body. The water can be splashed about but it does not break into pieces.

Surely you have discovered two very different things, two things that have nothing in common at all. Their properties are exactly opposite. One is cold and solid, the other is hot and fluid. One is breakable, the other is not.

And then it happens. The block of ice falls into the hot pool of water and right before your very eyes it melts in a matter of minutes. Now you clearly see that it is made out of the same thing that the hot water is made out of! There's no denying this now. But a few minutes ago it was very different! It was in a different form, a different state, which gave it a completely different set of properties, a completely different set of qualities.

Could this be similar to God and Creation? Let's expand the water analogy to include water vapor, an invisible, formless gas. That might be like God the Source. We cannot see God the Source since the Source has no form.

And yet, if the Source wanted to create a spiritual world, a world of angels, for example, the Source could choose to lower the temperature, the vibration, of the H2O that is the divine essence of all things and part of the Source would change from an invisible gas into liquid water that now has some form to it.

This spiritual world could include beings with a sense of self and freewill. They would not appear to be the same as the Creator and yet they would be made out of the same divine essence. Beings in this world would have their senses tuned to that realm, that dimension, so they would be able to perceive and experience everything in it.

And if the Source wanted to create a physical world, to create our universe, the Source could choose to lower the temperature even more and part of the Source would then take on many magnificent new forms.

Similar to before, this physical realm could also include beings with a sense of self and freewill. And again, they would not appear to be the same as the Creator and yet they would be made out of the same divine essence. These beings would, of course, have their senses tuned to the physical world allowing them to perceive and experience everything in it but they would generally be blind to everything in the spiritual world.

In this view, it's important to note that while we are all made out of the same thing, we are not all the same. From the point of view of our common daily life, we each have our own unique "personal self", precious and special but not in an egotistical sense. We are each a unique expression of the eternal divine essence. We each have our own body, we each have our own thoughts and we each have our own feelings. Yet while we are all different, we are all connected to each other, to everything, through this mysterious divine essence and we are all divine drops in the ocean of God.

Now consider for a moment that the eternal divine essence was wood. You can make a chair out of wood, you can make a house out of wood and you can make a boat out of wood. While all these things are made out of the same thing, they are each very different. If you are out on the ocean, the boat will serve you best and if a storm is coming, the shelter of the house will benefit you the most.

So don't make the mistake of saying, "Well, since everything is divine, everything is the same and I will not make any distinctions between people or things." Some people and things may mix with you in a more harmonious way so choose wisely and enrich your life.

And still, with this mystical understanding, you will perceive every act as a divine act, every thought as a divine thought, every emotion as a divine emotion and every thing as the divine in physical form. You are not simply connected to God, every aspect of your being is divine. God is not just deep within you at a special place, you are divine at every level.

In the formless state of the eternal divine essence as source, there is only oneness, wholeness, and yet in that mysterious state, nothing is manifest. It is here that we all dissolve into oneness. Yet in our physical world, the wholeness of this mystery is presented to us in a way that makes it appear as separate pieces. This is the illusion of the world. But just because the world is an illusion does not make it not real. Remember, an illusion is something whose true reality, whose full reality, is greater than or different from what we at first think.

When the mystery becomes manifest, it presents itself with form, with an appearance. It is this physical appearance that our scientists focus on and in many ways they do an excellent job. Yet few of them have any interest in the awareness that actually sees the world, human consciousness itself. Of course, some of them study the personality or the physiology of perception but that is not the awareness. This mysterious awareness is what you actually are. It is the buried treasure hidden within the self, the kingdom of heaven within you. Your "personal self" may be your body, your mind and your personality but your true self is the awareness that perceives everything that you experience. This is what the gnostics focus on when they say, "Know yourself and you shall know God."

Most analogies fall short in some respect, and the water analogy is no exception, yet I like it in many ways. But is it true? Is everything we see actually the eternal divine essence in physical form? Does God intentionally hide from us so as to invigorate the play we are all in and charge it with emotion? Can we see God hiding in the world just like we might see a secret assistant to the magician? Is this divine essence the core of the wonder and awe that we feel when we admire the beauty of nature and each other?

The topics that I have presented so far, such as out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences and the existence of past lives all point to a nature of reality that is profoundly different from what is commonly believed. Our mysterious awareness itself is not even visible to us and yet we know it exists because we experience the world through it.

Let's continue our exploration of the mysterious nature of reality in the next chapter by looking into the subject of freewill.

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