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Tom Razzeto
Tom Razzeto

Your Mystical Adventure:
Find the Divine in Everything!

An audio book by Tom Razzeto

Available on CD or as a download
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Copyright 2008 by Tom Razzeto

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The mystic's view: God and creation are the same reality in different forms!

You are not simply connected to God; every aspect of your being is divine!

God is not just deep within you at a special place; you are divine at every level!



As always, my focus is to inspire people to be kinder both to themselves and to others and to help create world peace by helping people create for themselves a deep and lasting personal peace.

This audio book is meant to be an introduction to my work and an overview of what I consider to be the most important principles of the mystical, non-dual philosophy. I almost called it, "Your Mystical Starter Kit". If I could only offer one audio book and it could only be one hour long, this would be it.

Even if you have never considered the mystical, non-dual point of view before, I think you will find this presentation clear and insightful. Some portions of the presentation are very passionate as I speak with my whole heart and my full emotions.

You can enjoy reading all of the chapters right now! Just use the links below. Feel free to print them out, as you wish. If you like what you read, perhaps you will buy the audio book.

Together we can all work towards world peace!

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Tom Razzeto
August 2007

This audio book contains the following:


Chapter 1 - Is the World an Illusion? (6 minutes)
   Is our physical world "the totality of reality" or is it only "part of the picture"?
   Why would anyone say that the world is an illusion?
   What is a good definition of an illusion?
   Don't draw the wrong conclusion from only part of the picture
   How can we find out more about the big picture?
   I call the big picture, "The Mystic's View"


Chapter 2 - The Mystic's View: God and Creation Are the Same Reality (13 minutes)
   How could this be true and yet not be obvious?
   Liquid water and solid ice - The same thing in different forms.
   We are all made out of the same thing but we are not all the same.
   We are each a unique expression of the eternal divine essence!
   Through this mysterious essence, we are all connected to each other!
   We are all divine drops in the ocean of God!
   Know yourself and you shall know God!


Chapter 3 - To Love Like God - A Mystic's Poem (19 minutes)
   Byron Katie, the author of, Loving What Is, inspired me to write this poem
   The thoughts that you bring to each and every moment determine your experience
   Thoughts of acceptance and embrace create emotions of oneness, peace and joy
   Thoughts of rejection create the emotions of separation, frustration, fear and pain
   The idea of God and creation being the same reality in different forms is developed


Chapter 4 - My Essay about the Mystic's Poem
   The ideas in each stanza are expanded in more detail
   While you emotionally accepted the world, you can still work towards change
   Inner creation: the instant creation of your emotions
   Outer creation: the people, things and events attracted to you as time unfolds
   Unconscious creation by habitual thought
   Conscious creation by choosing your attitude
   How to breaking the circle of unconscious creation of disharmony
   How to respond to difficult challenges that arise
   You are not simply connected to God, every aspect of your being is divine!
   If God did not want something to exist, it would not exist
   Will you love it all, simply because you can?


Chapter 5 - Your Journey into Gnosis
   The four stages of the journey into gnosis, direct knowledge of God
   Stage 1 - Earth: The belief that the world is purely physical
   Stage 2 - Water: The spiritual side of reality is discovered
   Stage 3 - Air: Consciousness (awareness) is seen as the self
   Stage 4 - Fire: The direct, personal experience of God
   The totality of reality is seen as the eternal divine essence in various forms
   Being fully alive in the present moment is the goal
   Help bring world peace by creating personal peace


Bonus Essay: Beyond Gender - Divine Love! (16 minutes)
(Note: CD version is shorter)

A popular book has a title that states that men come from a far away planet and that women come from a completely different far away planet. The implication is that we have very different fundamental natures, that we are basically different creatures, and can only hope of getting along when we both understand these natures. While this book has genuinely helped millions of people, I would like to add a few comments of my own.


There are four ways to get the audio book:


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All three essays can be heard on my completely free podcast. No registration or subscription is required. You don't even need to know what a podcast is! Just click here and then click "Your Mystical Adventure" under "Categories" in the right-hand column.

By the way, the audio quality of the podcast is pretty good (48 kbps). Yet if you want even better sound quality and easy navigation of the chapters, you can use either of the next two options.

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With this option, you get CD quality audio (128 kbps) downloaded directly to your computer right after your payment is processed. This download includes 21 mp3 files (chapters), which makes it easy to go to any chapter quickly, just like going to your favorite songs. The podcast lacks this convenient navigation.

Also included are the complete transcripts and the full color artwork for the CD jewel case.

Note: This download contains the full 13-minute version of the "Beyond Gender - Divine Love!" essay. The physical CD below only contains the 6-minute version due to limitations put in place by

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I am using, an independent CD production and order fulfillment company to make the CD available to you. While this approach has several advantages, such as international shipping, I have noticed two minor issues.

The first is that the maximum capacity of a Lulu produced CD is 70 minutes, rather than the more customary 80-minute limit. This resulted in the "Beyond Gender - Divine Love!" essay being edited to 6 minutes in length, rather than the 13-minute length used in the high quality download. As such, it is titled, "Gender Balance - Divine Love!"

The second point concerns the shipping cost. While I have tried to keep the total cost down, I have noticed that Lulu's shipping fees seem a bit high. The CD that I ordered for myself included $8.81 for UPS ground shipping and handling, which brought the total to $18.81. Lulu estimates 2 to 4 business days to produce the CD plus 2 to 6 business days to ship the CD (UPS ground).

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