Product Details for Your Mystical Adventure!

Your Mystical Adventure CD Cover

A 73 minute MP3 audio book for grown-ups
CD Quality Audio (encoded at 96 kbps)

Immediate Download
~ Nothing Will Be Shipped ~
Dial-Up Not Recommended

What's included:

   18 MP3 files (chapters), which make it easy to go to any chapter quickly
   Transcripts of the audio book in Adobe PDF format - 36 pages
   The full color artwork for the CD jewel case in Adobe PDF format

Note: This download contains the full 16-minute version of the "Beyond Gender - Divine Love!" essay. The physical CD only contains the 8-minute version due to limitations put in place by

All of the above files are "zipped" into one 45 megabyte zip file which is immediately available for download after the purchase process. Download time will depend on your connection. High speed connections will take about 15 minutes. Dial-up would take about 3 hours and is not recommended.

This is CD quality audio encoded at 96 kilobits per second. The sound is much better than the podcast, which is encoded at 48 kbps. (If you order a physical CD, you will also get 96 kbps audio.) If you want to hear what the audio sounds like, an excerpt is available right here:

Double click the above Flash audio player's black triangle to hear a four minute excerpt.

If the above audio player does not work, please click this link: Listen to Tom (Right-click, if necessary)

The MP3 files can be:

   Listened to on your computer
   Copied to another computer
   Copied to an iPod or any other MP3 player
   Burned onto a CD

If the files are copied onto a CD, the CD can be played in a home, car or portable CD player.

While the book is copyrighted, I want you to be able to use it as you wish in any non-commercial way. For this reason, the files are not protected by any special computer technology or software that prevents them from being moved, copied or listened to on other computers or devices.

Again, please take note: the MP3 files, the CD artwork and the transcripts are "zipped" into the one downloaded file.

You can use Windows, Macintosh, Linux or other computers as long as it is setup to handle a zip file and play the MP3 files. All Windows and Macintosh computers since the Fall of 2001 have these capabilities built-in. Other computers can still be used as long as they have zip and MP3 programs installed on them. There are several to choose from.

Make sure you know how to:

   Download a zip file
   Open a zip file
   Play the MP3 files

    As a test, you can: download a free sample zip file.

Click on the above free sample zip file right now.
If you can handle this, you can handle the audio book.

(You may have to right click the link on some computers.)

The test file is small and will download in less than a minute. Two files are included in the zip file: one MP3, one Adobe PDF file.

It is impossible for me to answer any technical support questions about downloading and the basic use of zip and MP3 files. If you want to burn the MP3 files onto a CD, you need to know how to do that, too, without help from me. Note that I have included the full color artwork for the CD jewel case, which you can print out on your color printer and then cut and insert into a jewel case. If you have a printer that can print directly onto the surface of a blank CD and have the right kind of blank CDs, a CD surface label image is provided for that, too.

My goal is to have only satisfied customers which is why an audio sample and the complete transcripts are available. Please check them out to see if this material is right for you.

In general, this is what you will do once the zip file is downloaded:

   Double click on the zip file to see the contents
   Double click on the MP3 file that you want to listen to or
   Double click on the Adobe PDF file to read or print it


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